Phenomenon and Physical Reality

  • Wolfgang Pauli


In the following lecture I wish to give some indications as to which problems, connected with the key-words phenomenon and reality, play an important part in contemporary physics, without claiming anything like mastery over this inexhaustible theme. In the course of my remarks I shall also touch on controversial questions, for it is towards them that general interest is chiefly directed. To give the philosophers their bearings, I may say at once that I am not myself an adherent of any particular philosophical trend with a name ending in “-ism”. I am moreover opposed to associating particular “-isms”with particular physical theories, such as for instance the theory of relativity or quantum or wave mechanics, although this is occasionally done by physicists. My general tendency is rather to hold a middle course between extreme directions. In this sense I think it best to consider first of all how phenomenon and reality occur in the physicist’s everyday professional life.


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