Theory and Experiment

  • Wolfgang Pauli


The following points of view are intended to supplement the remarks and theses of F. Gonseth and P. Bernays, with which I agree in principle, but upon which it is possible to throw further light from other directions.


  1. 1.
    In a historical study which has appeared meanwhile: “Der Einfluß archetypischer Vorstellungen auf die Bildung naturwissenschaftlicher Theorien bei Kepler”(Naturerklärung und Psyche, Rascher Verlag, Zürich 1952; English translation in The interpretation of Nature and the Psyche, London, 1955) I attempt to explain more fully the situation I have briefly sketched here. [Essay 21 in this volume.]Google Scholar
  2. 2.
    C. G. Jung, Eranos Jahrbuch 1946: “Der Geist der Psychologie”; English translation in Eranos Yearbook, London, 1954.Google Scholar
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    C. G. Jung occasionally speaks of a “secular displacement of the standpoint of tne unconscious”(cf. for instance Psychologie und Alchemie, Zürich, 1944, p. 181; English translation in Collected Works of C. G. Jung (Bollingen Foundation, New York, volume 12.)Google Scholar

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