Instantons in Quantum Chromodynamics

  • Albert S. Schwarz
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Recall that the QCD Lagrangian is obtained from the free fermion Lagrangian
$$l = \sum\limits_f {{{\bar \psi }_f}\phi } {\bar \psi _f} - i\sum\limits_f {{m_f}} {\bar \psi _f}{\psi _f}$$
by localizing the SU(3)-symmetry. Here, for f fixed, ψ f = (ψ f 1 , ψ f 2 , ψ f 3 ) is a three-dimensional vector of bispinors. In other words, when considering the quark fields ψ f k , where k specifies the color and f the flavor, we discard the color index k, a consider ψ f as a vector in color space.


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