Linkage of Plasma Membrane Proteins with the Membrane Skeleton: Insights into Functions in Polarized Epithelial Cells

  • W. James Nelson
Conference paper
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Interactions between integral membrane proteins and components of the cytoskeleton, termed the membrane skeleton, are thought to be important in many cellular functions in a wide variety of cell types (Bennett, 1990, Nelson, et al., 1990). A limited number of the proteins involved in these interactions have been identified and characterized, including: interactions between the actin-based cytoskeleton and cell-cell (Ozawa, et al., 1990, Takeichi, 1991, Nelson, et al., 1990, McCrea and Gumbiner, 1991) and cell-substratum adhesion proteins (Burridge, et al., 1988), and ion transport proteins (Nelson and Veshnock, 1987, Morrow, et al., 1989, Srinivasan, et al., 1988). These interactions may be important in restricting protein distributions in the plane of the lipid bilayer, regulating the assembly of protein complexes, and modulating the response of cells to their external environment. Although the identity of membrane proteins that interact with the cytoskeleton is limited at present, detailed analyses of those interactions are providing insight into functions of the membrane skeleton complex.


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