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An arborescent evergreen shrub, or semi-scandent, up to 8 m, young parts tomentose or glabrous. Leaves alternate, petiolate, exstipulate; blade simple, margin undulate or dentate, pinnately veined, the veins connecting near the margin. Inflorescences small, axillary cymose panicles. Dioecious. Flowers with a small shallow receptacle bearing bracteoles which grade into the 5–8 larger tepals. Male flowers with several sessile stamens inserted spirally on the inner surface of the receptacle; anthers triangular, the inner smaller, tetrasporangiate, opening by 2 slits, the connective slightly projecting. Female flowers with 1–2 staminodes and several free carpels; stigma sessile with conspicuous flanges. Fruit a cluster of stipitate fleshy drupes borne on the receptacle; endocarp woody, rugose; seed with copious endosperm and a small basal embryo.


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