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Trees. Leaves spiral, simple, margin dentate, stipules absent; indumentum almost absent. Flowers in the axil of cataphylls of a leafy shoot, bisexual, disymmetric, hypogynous, perianthless; receptacle flat; stamens 6–19, with long, apiculate, tetrasporangiate, basifixed, latrorse, red anthers, opening with lateral longitudinal slits (reduced valves); carpels 8–31, free, small, stipitate, style-less, green; ovules 1–3 (−4) per carpel, lateral anatropous, apotropous, bitegmic, crassinucellar. Fruit consisting of one to several small, stipitate samaras; endosperm abundant, oily; embryo straight, small, dicotyledonous.


Pollen Morphology Arnold Arbor Leafy Shoot Margin Dentate Vegetative Morphology 
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