• K. Kubitzki
Part of the The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants book series (FAMILIES GENERA, volume 2)


Glabrous aromatic trees; leaves alternate, simple, entire, pinnately veined; stipules wanting. Flowers large, perfect, regular, hypogynous, solitary on supra-axillary, bracteate peduncles; perianth differentiated into a calyx of 3 sepals in one whorl and a corolla of 12–25 imbricate petals arranged in various whorls (or a spiral?); stamens numerous, spirally arranged, laminar, on the abaxial side with two pairs of microsporangia immersed in the anther tissue; staminodia fewer than stamens, intrastaminal, conspicuously introrsely cucullate; pistil monocarpellate, incompletely closed at anthesis, with flaring stigmatic surfaces extending over the apposed margins; ovules numerous, anatropous, bitegmic, crassinucellar, with a massive funicular obturator, arranged in a submarginal row on each side of the carpel (interpreted as laminar). Fruit more or less fleshy; exocarp hard; seeds numerous, with an orange or red sarcotesta, sessile or on an elongate funicle; endosperm copious, oily, ruminate; embryo very small, with 3 or 4 cotyledons. 2n = 24.


Stigmatic Surface Arnold Arbor Anther Tissue Stigmatic Papilla Cellular Endosperm 
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