• Wu Cheng-Yih
  • K. Kubitzki
Part of the The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants book series (FAMILIES GENERA, volume 2)


Annual herb with an elongated hypocotyl and a terminal leaf rosette; cotyledons persistent. Leaves petiolate, exstipulate, subdecussate; leaf blades spatulate or rhomboid, with an open dichotomous venation, the veins ending in teeth of the blade. Inflorescences terminal, composed of fascicles of lowers, each fascicle save the terminal one subtended by a bract but otherwise devoid of bracts and bracteoles; flowers minute, perfect, regular, apetalous, numbers of organs variable; tepals 2–3, scale-like, supplied by an unbranched strand; stamens (1−)2(−3); anthers with one pair of introrse pollen sacs; gynoecium apocarpous, carpels (1−)2(−3), fusiform, with a terminal papillate stigma; ovule orthotropous, subapical, pendulous, unitegmic and tenuinucellar. Achene covered by uncinate hairs; seed with copious endosperm, testa lacking and substituted by a suberized layer of the endosperm. 2n = 30.


Pollen Tube Pollen Morphology Annual Herb Leaf Venation Dorsal Bundle 
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  • K. Kubitzki

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