Alpha-Nucleus Interaction Beyond Woods-Saxon

  • M. Brenner
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Series in Nuclear and Particle Physics book series (SSNUCLEAR)


The existence of alpha cluster states in light nuclei is related to the alpha-nucleus interaction. The Woods-Saxon form factor of the local optical potential does not generally give a good agreement with a-scattering experiments. This is especially true for the scattering by light nuclei at low a particle energies, where the Anomalous Large Angle Scattering (ALAS) is considerable. Different potentials for the alpha-nucleus interaction are reviewed. The resonant character of the excitation function and the fitting of angular distributions with squared Legendre polynomials in the backward direction at resonance are discussed. The angular momentum of the alpha particles scattered at strong resonances equals the spins of the resonances. These spin assignments are in agreement with transfer reaction data. The resonant states are considered to be fragments of quasi-molecular or alpha cluster states.


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