The Ovarian and Testicular IGF-I System: A Comparative Analysis

  • Eli Y. Adashi
  • Carol E. Resnick
  • Arye Hurwitz
  • Elisabetta Ricciarelli
  • Eleuterio R. Hernandez
  • Charles T. Roberts
  • Derek Leroith
  • Ron Rosenfeld
Conference paper
Part of the Schering Foundation Workshop book series (SCHERING FOUND, volume 4)


As the significance of putative intraovarian regulators becomes increasingly recognized, much of the attention centers on insulin-like growth factors (IGFs). Indeed, a large body of evidence now suggests the existence of an intraovarian IGF system complete with ligands, re-ceptors, and binding proteins (Adashi et al. 1985c). More importantly, IGFs have been shown to exert a variety of significant effects in murine (Adashi et al. 1985a,b,d; 1986b; Bicsak et al. 1986; Cara and Rosenfeld 1988; Davoren et al. 1985; Magoffin et al. 1990; Zhiwen et al. 1987), porcine (Baranao et al. 1984; Maruo et al. 1988; May et al. 1988; Veldhuis and Demers 1985; Veldhuis and Furlanetto 1985, Veldhuis et al. 1986a, b; Veldhuis et al. 1987; Veldhuis and Rodgers, 1987; Veldhuis and Gwynne 1989), and human (Erickson et al. 1989, 1990; Steinkampf et al. 1988) somatic ovarian cells, thereby raising the possibility of a meaningful in vivo role.


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