Can Animal Models Be Used to Predict the Hemostasiologic Effect of Steroid Hormones in Man?

  • Andreas Süßmilch
  • Rupprecht Zierz
  • Karsten Parczyk
  • Krzystof Chwalisz
  • Karl-Heinrich Fritzemeier
  • Berthold Baldus
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Epidemiologic studies indicate an increased risk of thrombosis for users of oral contraceptives (OC) which is dose-dependent for the estrogen component (Böttiger et al. 1980; Melis et al. 1988; Gerstman et al. 1991). In order to evaluate this association, most clinical studies have concentrated on the assessment of plasmatic factors to demonstrate changes in the hemostatic system caused by OC.


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  • Andreas Süßmilch
  • Rupprecht Zierz
  • Karsten Parczyk
  • Krzystof Chwalisz
  • Karl-Heinrich Fritzemeier
  • Berthold Baldus

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