Baryon Synthesis

  • Gerhard Börner
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One of the fundamental questions of cosmology is how the small baryon-asymmetry of

$$ {n_B}/s \simeq {10^{ - 10}} $$
that we observe in our present universe has been created. In classical cosmology — within the standard big-bang model — this number is imprinted on the universe as an initial condition — “Heaven-sent” and unexplainable. Another answer is given by the GUT theories of elementary particle interactions: the B-violating interactions — i.e. interactions that do not conserve the baryon number — in those theories can produce a small net baryon asymmetry in an expanding universe that was initially completely symmetric in baryons and antibaryons. The number n B/s turns out to be small, because the masses of the particles responsible for B-violating interactions are extremely large.


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