Morphological Disturbances in the Brains of Schizophrenics

  • H. Beckmann
  • H. Heinsen
  • S. Heckers
  • H. Jakob
Conference paper


In the quest for a morphological substrate of schizophrenia neuropathologic, cytoarchitectonic and volumetric methods have been applied. Bogerts et al. (1985) found a volume reduction of the hippocampal formation which was in contrast to one earlier study by Rosenthal and Bigelow (1972). More recent studies have provided further evidence of a deficit of limbic structures in the medial temporal lobe of schizophrenics (Falkai and Bogerts 1986; Brown et al. 1986; Colter et al. 1987; Jeste and Lohr 1989). However, in some studies the measurement of the volume of limbic regions was flawed by various methodological problems (Benes 1988). Therefore, we decided to reinvestigate two important limbic structures, the amygdala and the hippocampal formation, as well as the lateral ventricles. Matching of the patient and control sample was rigorous, and a comprehensive morphological protocol was developed in order to control for confounding variables. Twenty brains of schizophrenic patients (11 female, nine male) received from several pathological institutes of psychiatric state hospitals were closely matched according to sex and age with 20 brains of patients with no history of neuropsychiatric diseases. Methodological procedures were as described by Heckers et al. (1990a).


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  • H. Heinsen
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