Rectal Tumors

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In frequency of occurrence, carcinoma of the colon and rectum ranks second among the cancers in the developed countries [42]. There is a marked predominance of lesions located in the rectum (the last 15 cm of the large intestine). If we exclude neoplasms of the rectosigmoid, these cancers represent around one-third of all colorectal tumors. Although occurring predominantly at an advanced age, this type of cancer is sometimes found in younger patients, even where no predisposing risk factors are present. However, most of those affected are over 60 years of age, occurrence being most frequent during the 7th decade (60–69 years). The proportion of patients younger than 30 years of age is given as between 1% and 4%, depending on the author. A slight preponderance of the disease in males has been noted.


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