Ulcerative Colitis

  • H. Wehrli
  • A. Akovbiantz
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Ulcerative colitis is a usually chronic inflammatory disease of the colon of largely unknown etiology [48, 60]. It was first described by Samual Wilkes of London in 1859 [19]. Ulcerative colitis, unlike Crohn’s disease, is generally limited to the mucosa and submucosa of the colon [96] except in cases where the disease takes an acute, fulminating, toxic course. Inflammation of the terminal ileum (“backwash ileitis”) is seen only when the disease process involves the entire colon. Ulcerative colitis begins distally and may spread proximally and continuously throughout the large bowel. The rectum is involved in 98% of cases [88]. The disease may have its onset at any age but most commonly appears in the 2nd–4th decades [21]. Childhood onset of ulcerative colitis, seen in 25% of cases [20], implies a very poor prognosis [96].


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