• L. A. S. Johnson
  • K. L. Wilson
Part of the The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants book series (FAMILIES GENERA, volume 1)


Palm-like plants, usually with a tall trunk clothed with persistent frond bases. Fronds with longitudinal ptyxis erect or rarely reflexed, horizontal ptyxis circinate. Pinnae with single, thick midrib and no lateral veins; individual ptyxis involute, stomata confined to lower surface. Fronds with only transparent, branched trichomes. Male sporophylls forming definite cones. Female sporophylls not forming a determinate cone but spirally arranged in a terminal mass and falling separately at maturity, the central axis eventually continuing vegetative growth; lamina pinnatifid, pectinate or toothed.

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  • L. A. S. Johnson
  • K. L. Wilson

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