Riemann-Roch for Singular Varieties

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The basic tool for a general Riemann-Roch theorem is MacPherson’s graph construction, applied to a complex E. of vector bundles on a scheme Y, exact off a closed subset X. This produces a localized Chern character1 \(ch_X^Y \left( {E.} \right)\) which lives in the bivariant group A (XY). For each class α ∈ A * Y, this gives a class
$$ch_X^Y \left( {E.} \right) \cap \alpha \in A_* X_\mathbb{Q} $$
whose image in A * Y is ∑(−1) i ch (E i ) ∩ α. The properties needed for Riemann-Roch, in particular the invariance under rational deformation, follow from the bivariant nature of \(ch_X^Y \left( {E.} \right)\).


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