Calculation of the Value of the Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on a Culvert Tainter Valve by Means of the Finite Elements Method

  • Viliam Strauss
Conference paper


Complicated cases of flow in hydrotechnical structures is possible to solve only by the use of simplifying assumptions. The step of idealization influences mainly the results of quantitative solution. In spite of this the results of such solutions provide often valuable knowledge which enables reduction of research on a physical model. In some cases we replace the real flow by the irrotational flow of ideal liquid. It makes possible the formation of a mathematical model on the basis of the theory of potential flow. It is known that this theory provides good results by the solution of tasks where the losses of mechanical energy are relatively small so that it is possible to neglect them. Usual are the solutions of the ground water flow, spillways, flow beneath the gate, etc. In the last time mathematical models of the flow in hydrotechnical structures occur which even approximately do not fulfil the conditions of the potential flow because the turbulent zones cuase large losses. In spite of this it was shown that einther the idealization of such phenomena provides a piece of knowledge quickly and relatively simply. This knowledge enables a mutual comparison of several alternatives and their evaluation so that the research on a physical model may be reduced to a selected solution.


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  • Viliam Strauss
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  1. 1.Institute of Hydrology and Hydraulics of the SlovakAcademy of SciencesBratislavaCzechoslovakia

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