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Paediatric Tumours

  • B. Spiessl
  • O. Scheibe
  • G. Wagner
Part of the UICC International Union Against Cancer / Union Internationale Contre le Cancer book series (UICCI)


The tumours classified are nephroblastoma, neuroblastoma and soft tissue sarcomas of childhood. The appropriate ICD-O topography (T) and ICD-O morphology (M) rubrics are indicated:
  • Nephroblastoma ICD-O T.189.0: ICD-O M.8960/3

  • Neuroblastoma ICD-O M.9500/3

  • Ganglioneuroblastoma ICD-O M.9490/3

  • Soft Tissue Sarcomas of Childhood ICD-O M.8800/3

  • Rhabdomysarcoma ICD-O M.8900/3


Distant Metastasis Regional Lymph Node Soft Tissue Sarcoma Minimum Requirement Primary Tumour Site 
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  • O. Scheibe
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  • G. Wagner
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