Preparation and Positioning of the Patient for Arthroscopy

  • Hans-Rudolf Henche


Arthroscopy is carried out with the patient on the operating table. In the appointment letter the patient is asked to take a bath on the evening before the day of operation or on the day itself. In addition, he should, if possible, shave the leg from a point approximately 20 cm above the knee cap to a point approximately 20 cm below it. The patient undresses completely in the surgical ante-room. He then puts on disposable paper underpants and lies supine on the operating table. The knee is positioned at 90° by placing the thigh on a support which is attached to the side of the table. The leg on the side which is to be investigated is in approximately 45° flexion and 30° abduction (Fig. 19). An alternative way of positioning the leg is to remove the end section of the operating table so that the lower leg hangs down with the knee joint flexed at 90° and the hip joint extended.

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