Indications for Arthroscopy

  • Hans-Rudolf Henche


Arthroscopy is indicated when the source of general symptoms cannot be satisfactorily diagnosed by clinical and radiological investigation (including arthrography of the knee joint). If the investigator suspects that the complaints are caused by changes in the synovial membrane, the articular cartilage, the semilunar cartilages or the cruciate ligaments, he will usually be able to obtain precise information about the state of these structures by arthroscopy. The indications for arthroscopy are as follows:
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    If the clinical features and the radiological findings suggest that a particular lesion is present but the severity of the complaint does not justify arthrotomy, arthroscopy may make diagnosis possible.

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    If the only symptom is pain in the knee which cannot be precisely localized and which has been present for months, and if the clinical findings are variable or inconclusive, arthroscopy is, as in the previous case, preferable to arthrotomy.


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