Systematic Description of the Pathological Changes in the Knee Joint as Seen Through the Arthroscope

  • Hans-Rudolf Henche


The appearance of the synovial membrane is largely determined by the arthroscopic technique. If a pneumatic tourniquet is used and the intraarticular pressure is greatly increased, an inflamed and otherwise reddened synovial membrane will appear pale. It is therefore advisable to dispense with the pneumatic tourniquet completely. This does not need to be used if the combined technique (see p. 15) is correctly applied. An increase in the intraarticular pressure suffices on its own to cause paling of the synovial membrane. The arthroscopist therefore has to be somewhat experienced in order to judge whether inflammation is present. Watanabe has been particularly interested in the interpretation of the appearance of the synovial types. By classifying them according to their shape and arrangement he has tried to derive information relevant to the diagnosis of arthritis.


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