Angiographic-Anatomic Study of the Vascular Territories of the Cerebral Convolutions

  • Ch. Raybaud
  • P. Michotey
  • W. Bank
  • Ph. Farnarier


Based upon dissections of 150 human brains in which the arteries of interest were selectively injected, we have evaluated the origin, course, and each cortical branch of the cerebral arteries to see if it would be possible to precisely define their vascular territories. This work was especially detailed for the anterior and middle cerebral arteries. It was quite evident that each cortical branch of a cerebral artery has a characteristic vascular territory which is relatively fixed, despite variations from one hemisphere to another or from one brain to another. The limits of these territories are equally precise.


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  • Ch. Raybaud
  • P. Michotey
  • W. Bank
  • Ph. Farnarier

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