A Serological Survey of Primate Sera for Antibody to the Marburg Virus

  • S. S. Kalter


Little doubt remains about the association of African green monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops)2 with the recent outbreak of human disease among laboratory and hospital personnel in Germany and Yugoslavia. What remains unresolved, however, is the epidemiology of this outbreak. The purpose of this report is to present data obtained from an expanded study on sera obtained from various primate sources other than that previously reported [1]. Included herein are results not only from a larger serum series on animals previously assayed, but from additional primate species as well. For comparison, aliquots from the same baboon and African green monkey sera as tested in both Dr. H. Malherbe’s laboratory in South Africa and at Southwest Foundation for Research and Education (SFRE) are included, as are 3 human sera supplied by Dr. R. Siegert (Marburg, Germany) and hamster and guinea pig sera supplied by Dr. D. I. H. Simpson (Porton, England).


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