Controls for Forging Presses

  • Ernst Müller


The required gear for controlling the press ram movement and the movements of the auxiliary equipment consists of the control poppet valves or the control slide valves, their drive, and the equipment for the proper successive valve movements. The control gear determines the working stroke of the press by the opening and closing of the poppet or slide valves which control the feed and return of the cylinder’s fluid. It consists of the main control gear for the operation of the press ram and its return and the control gear for the existing auxiliary devices such as shifting table, lateral die slide, ejecting device, pulley, etc. As occasion demands, a selector control gear is provided for the various power stages of a multiple-cylinder press, or for chosing a second pressure stage which is generated by a pressure intensifier; and finally pilot or servo controls for hydraulically actuating gears which require large operating forces.


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