Underemployment Fuzzy Equilibrium

  • Antoine Billot
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From the quasi-Walrasian theory of unemployment (Calvo [1979], Azariadis [1975], Baily [1977]) with imperfect information (Phelps [1970], Mortensen [1970] and Salop [1979]) to Hahn’s [1987] paper, Shaked & Sutton’s [1984] one or Rubinstein’s [1981] recent works (which introduce involuntary unemployment into bargaining models), the problem of consistency between involuntary unemployment and Walrasian equilibrium is generally studied according to the search theory (with introduction of individual costs). Nevertheless, most of these authors — and especially Hahn — looked for the precise point of the Walrasian theory that could allow to talk about the involuntary aspect of unemployment when a perfect flexibility of prices and wages remained.


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