The Temperature and Pressure Conditions of the Regional Dynamothermal Metamorphism

  • Helmut G. F. Winkler


The experimental data on the diverse metamorphic mineral reactions studied to date will be compiled in this chapter with the goal of specifying the temperature and pressure conditions of the greenschist and amphibolite facies. Only certain mineral assemblages are found repeatedly in metamorphites, and it is the conditions of formation of these assemblages and the conditions under which one commonly occurring mineral assemblage changes to another one that permit elucidation of metamorphic conditions. Only certain imaginable reactions that can be explored by experimental means are useful for this purpose. A prerequisite for the application of experimental data to petrological interpretations is that a particular reaction has been really observed to have taken place in the rocks. For this reason, we shall have to consider reactions taking place in naturally occurring mineral assemblages. It is also necessary to recognize from petrographic observation the reactions taking place at particular facies or subfacies boundaries or else within a particular facies under different pressures. Of special importance for this purpose is a knowledge of the various metamorphic facies series. This branch of petrogenetic research is rather new and quite a lot is yet to be achieved. Still, we are now in a position to provide some concrete data to replace the earlier presumptions. Examples of these have been given in Sections 4.1, 4.2, 6.2, and in Chapter 14.


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