Pulmonary Angiography: Recent Advances in Technique, Indications, and Methods of Interpretation

  • J. S. Alpert
  • J. E. Dalen
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Pulmonary angiography has become a routine procedure in most hospitals as part of the evaluation of patients for pulmonary embolism [1–3]. Although radiologic examination of the pulmonary vascular tree has been performed since the middle of the 1930s, pulmonary angiography has only been a routine diagnostic procedure for the last 15 years. Pulmonary embolism is an elusive diagnostic entity in which clinical acumen may result in a correct diagnosis in as few as 50% of cases. The advent of routinely available pulmonary angiography has considerably improved the accuracy of diagnosis for this disease. In recent years, pulmonary angiography has been performed as part of the diagnostic evaluation of patients with a variety of other pulmonary and cardiovascular conditions. Moreover, a number of new techniques have improved and expanded the information obtained from the pulmonary angiogram.


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