Are Hospital-wide PACS Implementations Possible now (soon)?

  • Fenno P. Ottes
  • Albert R. Bakker
  • Jef M. L. Kouwenberg
Conference paper


Until now, clinical trials of PACS have been limited in two dimensions. Firstly, the implementation concerned only part of the hospital or specific categories of images. Secondly, the PACS was used in parallel, and not instead of film. Recently, three large PACS implementation projects have been announced, i.e. SMZO-Vienna, MDIS-USA and Hammersmith-London. These projects break new ground, since they are concerned with hospital-wide and virtually fdmlers PACS.

Based on our experiences within the Dutch PACS project (1986–1989), the AIIVI/HIPACS project (1989–1990) and the information obtained from many visits to PACS sites we feel that before PACS may be implemented hospital-wide and filmless in clinical routine quite some technical problems with the currently available systems need to be solved. This paper presents the bottlenecks perceived: eg. diagnostic requirements on image quality, needed network, storage and workstation performance and system availability, HIS/RIS-PACS integration and impact on the organization of the hospitals. Suggested research to contribute to the elimination of the shortcomings of the current generation PACS will be discussed.


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  • Fenno P. Ottes
    • 1
  • Albert R. Bakker
    • 1
  • Jef M. L. Kouwenberg
    • 1
  1. 1.Central Development and Support Group Hospital Information SystemBAZISLeidenThe Netherlands

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