Variational Inequality Models of Ideal Dynamic User-Optimal Route Choice Problems

  • Bin Ran
  • David E. Boyce
Part of the Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems book series (LNE, volume 417)


In this chapter, we present both route-based and link-based variational inequality models for the ideal dynamic user-optimal route choice problem. In Section 13.1, a route-time-based VI model for ideal DUO route choice is proposed. This model is the most straight-forward formulation of route-time-based, ideal DUO route choice conditions. In Section 13.2, a multi-group route-time-based VI model is developed. In this model, each group of travelers is associated with a disutility function. Thus, the route-based ideal DUO route choice conditions are defined for each group of travelers on the basis of travel disutilities instead of travel times only.


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