Malnutrition and Disorders of Intestinal Malabsorption

  • M. S. R. Hutt
  • H. Spencer
Part of the Spezielle pathologische Anatomie book series (SPEZIELLE, volume 8)


The commonest form of malnutrition in the tropics is protein calorie malnutrition (P.C.M.) of childhood. The spectrum of clinical features associated with this type of malnutrition is characterised at one extreme by mar asmus which results from a gross deficiency of calories and, at the other extreme, by kwashiorkor which results from a primary deficiency of protein. Many variants are present within this spectrum depending on the ratio of deficiency of protein and calories and also on other factors such as the inorganic and vitamin content of the diet. In describing the aetiology of these conditions it will be necessary to refer to the more pure states, but it must be evident that in all cases the deficiencies involve to some extent both protein and calorie deficiency.


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