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  • Otto Braun-Falco
  • Gerd Plewig
  • Helmut H. Wolff
  • Richard K. Winkelmann


This chapter is devoted to a discussion of cysts, pseudocysts, cystic tumors, and nevoid cystic tumors (Table 53.1).


Mucocele traumatic mucous retention cyst traumatic mucous gland cyst Myxoma Scrotal cysts Sebocystomatosis scroti (this previously used term should be avoided as the disease does not involve sebum retention) Atheroma Sevaceous cysts Sebaceous cysts Sevaceous retention cysts Sebocystomatosis Günther (1917) Steatoma These are all outdated terms. Coccygeal sinus Hair-nest sinus Pilonidal cyst Sweat-retention cyst Mucocele Traumatic mucous retentioncyst Traumatic mucous gland cyst Myxoid finger cyst Digital mucoid cyst myxoma 


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Bibliography: Cysts

True Cysts and Cystic Tumors

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