Empirical Research Approach and Methods

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Part of the Sustainable Management, Wertschöpfung und Effizienz book series (SMWE)


To answer the research questions as coherently and comprehensively as possible while exploring theory in practice, an MMR approach (Creswell et al., 2003, Teddlie and Tashakkori, 2009, Creswell and Plano Clark, 2011b) was applied. It begins with a detailed description of MMR and its purpose within this research (section 4.1), before illustrating each phase in the following subsections separately (sections 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5). Designing the optimal methodological setup for this thesis follows the explanation as noted by Greene (2007:97): “methodology is ever the servant of purpose, never the master”.


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