Urban Agriculture as Cooperative Service and Its Contribution to Food Security – Participants and Nonparticipants Perspective

  • Golnaz Rezai
  • Michael Jones
  • Raafat George Saadé
  • Holger RoschkEmail author
  • Masoumeh Hosseinpour
Part of the Forum Dienstleistungsmanagement book series (FD)


Little research attention has been devoted to bottom of the pyramid consumers. This is surprising as services marketing may contribute to a society’s development. One approach aimed at improving the life situation of the impoverished is urban agriculture. Set in Malaysia, this study seeks to explore what discriminates urban agriculture participants from non-participants, revealing a strong association of the relationship between food security and urban agriculture as driver for participation.


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  • Michael Jones
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  • Raafat George Saadé
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  • Holger Roschk
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  • Masoumeh Hosseinpour
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