Positionalities, Modernity and the Public Sphere

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Part of the Politik und Gesellschaft des Nahen Ostens book series (PGNO)


This chapter’s purpose is to explore and outline the connections between epistemology, positionality and the public sphere. Drawing on Gayatri Chakravorty Spivac, Nikita Dhawan argues that “’epistemic change’ at both ends of postcoloniality, is the heart of the project of decolonization” (Dhawan, 2013, p. 160; Spivak, 2007, 137). While this chapter deals with my positionality within processes of knowledge construction in a Western (German) public, unraveling the hegemonic discourses I speak to, chapter XI conveys ways of decolonization challenging the hegemonic scriptures that reach deep in the communities and even families of the activists that participated in this study.


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