Globalization Pathway Policies and Institutional Framework

  • Emmanuel AmetepehEmail author


As mentioned earlier, unlike in the past where factors of FT were mainly determined by nation states’ domestic conditions and policies, globalization (and related norms, values, protocols, agreements, commitments, trade, policies and politics) has facilitated the intrusion into the national space of many tropical forest developing countries in a way that either facilitate or hinder the FT-process. The successful case of Costa Rica discussed in Chapter 1 where forest values of American tourists played a central role exemplifies this. None of the globalization factors (e.g. migration, remittances, tourism, neoliberal policies etc.) have been found to facilitate the FT-process in Ghana. Instead, Oduro et al. (2015:67) categorize trends related to the pathway of globalization in Ghana into international trade (e.g. mainly exports of timber and tree crops); commitment to international agreements as well as international support for forest-related projects.


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