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Part of the RaumFragen: Stadt – Region – Landschaft book series (RFSRL)


It becomes clear from the empirical findings of this study presented in chapters 5 and 6 that the same physical-material spaces, in this case Cornwall and Godrevy, can be superimposed with very contrasting constructions of the local landscapes by different actors in a society. Understood as particular forms of peopleplace relationships, these landscape constructions show commonalities as well as differences regarding what the landscape is, and how it can best be adapted to the impacts of climate change. The three dimensions of landscape construction proposed by Kühne (2018) are mirrored in the accounts of local landscapes in the empirical data of this study: ‘societal landscape constructions’ shared between the interviewees (cf. sections 5.1, 6, 7.1); ‘sub-societal’ constructions in form of the co-existing landscape narratives among the local actors (cf. sections 5., 6.2); and ‘individually updated’ constructions by individual persons working for local landscape management organizations (cf. sections 3.4.1, 5.3.5, 6.2).


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