Landscape Narratives in Cornwall and their Implications for Climate Change Adaptation

  • Vera KöpselEmail author
Part of the RaumFragen: Stadt – Region – Landschaft book series (RFSRL)


During the first field phase of this study, a number of shared and individual constructions of the Cornish landscapes were identified among actors in landscape and environmental management that I will present throughout this chapter. After expanding on the collectively shared perceptions of Cornwall’s landscapes (5.1), I introduce what I term the official policy narrative; the way in which Cornwall Council portrays the county’s landscapes and the impacts of climate change on them (section 5.2). I then present four different narratives that stand in contrast to this official policy perspective: the Cornish landscapes as (1) human-environment interaction; (2) natural systems; (3) visual beauty; and (4) functional spaces of production (section 5.3).


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