Climate Adaptation, People-Place Relationships, and Local Actors: Reviewing the Literature

  • Vera KöpselEmail author
Part of the RaumFragen: Stadt – Region – Landschaft book series (RFSRL)


In times of a changing climate, multifaceted interactions between socio-economic and environmental processes such as storms, flooding, coastal erosion lead to far-reaching changes to specific places and spaces (Agyeman et al. 2009, Climate UK 2012, Adger et al. 2013, Köpsel et al. 2016). The impacts of climate and environmental change are situated in place and thus require adaptive responses which are sensitive to the diversity and specificity of local places (Devine-Wright 2015). Such responses to climate change are mostly divided into two broad categories: mitigation activities (the reduction of the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere) and adaptation activities (Wilbanks et al. 2007), of which the latter are the focus of this study.


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