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This research sprang from the very correspondence between inner and outer reality and thus inner and outer peace work as an inherent part of a systemic, transpersonal worldview, which it shed light on. It started with becoming aware of my own conflictive personality, more concretely my potentially violent anger and one-sidedness in regard to perspectives on the current refugee situation in Europe specifically and migration to Europe generally which I strongly disagree with. While convinced that the ability to engage with different and contrary perspectives – no matter how much I disagree with them – is vital for beneficial involvement in peace studies and in work for the people concerned (particularly if the intent is to work in resonance with the philosophy of transrational peaces and the elicitive approach to conflict transformation), I realized that my capacity to hold space for perspectives that are emotionally disturbing to me was repeatedly inaccessible. I was instead fostering the violent, polarized atmosphere of the refugee situation in Europe, characterized by self-referential dialogue and a collapse of narrative space, that concerned me at the societal level.


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