Review of the Literature on Subsidiary Initiatives

  • Lars R. Dzedek


Julian Birkinshaw, in his article ‘Entrepreneurship in Multinational Corporations: The Characteristics of Subsidiary Initiatives’, originally defines the phenomenon of subsidiary initiative as “a discrete, proactive undertaking that advances a new way for the corporation to use or expand its resources.” He further describes it as “essentially an entrepreneurial process, beginning with the identification of an opportunity and culminating in the commitment of resources to that opportunity” (Birkinshaw 1997, p. 207). Although many subsequent publications refer to Birkinshaw’s definition, various authors state that the phenomenon remains somewhat vague and is not yet fully understood (Dörrenbächer/Geppert 2009, p. 100, Ambos et al. 2010, p. 1100, Grohmann 2010, p. 7).


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