Theaterarbeit mit Menschen mit Demenz aus nicht nur künstlerischer Sicht

In Conversation with Barbara Wachendorff
Part of the Kulturelle Figurationen: Artefakte, Praktiken, Fiktionen book series (KFAPF)


This 2016 interview is based on two theatre productions on the theme “theatre and dementia” that were enacted in the cities of Moers and Cologne in Germany, in 2005 and 2012. Conducted with Barbara Wachendorff who is a German actress, theatre producer, and director of the productions, the interview focuses on old age, dementia and gender. Reflecting on the German social and cultural context, the interview aims to debunk not only the negative assumptions and stereotypes about old age and older adults, it also explores the level of creativity and dexterity that are present in older adults who suffer from dementia, and who can still fully take part in theatre productions. The interview further examines how Wachendorff employs a participatory theatre approach to enable society to comprehend how dementia can indeed dismantle certain gender “norms” by presenting people as humans, rather than putting them in gender categories. This conversation with Wachendorff also contributes not only to the topic of old age and gender, but also speaks about new developments in applied theatre which continue to serve the needs of marginalised persons and conscientize the society towards awareness and change.


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