Analysis of the influence of different common rail injector concepts on injection and mixture formation in a high-pressure / high-temperature spray chamber and a single cylinder research engine

  • Martin DrescherEmail author
  • Fabian Pinkert
  • Bert Buchholz
Conference paper
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New emission limits demand the continuous research and optimization of inner engine processes. The injection and mixture formation is a significant factor for the diesel combustion and the formation of emissions and as such it is the object of ongoing study. In order to evaluate possible engine strategies for fulfilling current and upcoming emission limits in marine, locomotive, construction and genset applications, three injectors were thoroughly tested on a 125 kW single cylinder engine and a high-pressure high-temperature injection chamber.


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  • Martin Drescher
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  • Fabian Pinkert
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  • Bert Buchholz
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  1. 1.FVTR GmbHRostockDeutschland
  2. 2.University of RostockRostockDeutschland

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