Establishment of Online Shops by SME Retailers and Wholesalers – A Rational Decision or Institutional Pressure? (Essay 1)

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In many different sectors of trade, online selling has steadily gained in importance over recent years, and it is predicted to continue on this growth path (Gartner Industry Research 2012). A growing number of retail and wholesale companies have started to sell goods through online channels (Rask and Kragh 2004; Yang et al. 2007; Zentes and Rittinger 2009; Rittinger and Zentes 2012). For many companies, establishing an online channel poses a major challenge (Schoenbachler and Gordon 2002), especially for SMEs, due to the scarcity of available resources (Rawwas and Iyer 2013; Vaaland and Heide 2007).


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