Theoretical background: Internal Innovation Contests and the work environment

  • Björn Höber


In the introduction, the positioning of the innovation approach that is investigated in this thesis has been clarified as follows: “Innovation Contests are considered as a modern innovation technique that requires a tailored, broad-oriented organizational support for opening the innovation process within firm boundaries, therefore establishing both a firm internal social media platform and virtual community for consolidating innovation efforts” (Section 1.4, “A content-related positioning and delimitation”). Accordingly, this chapter (“Theoretical Background”) first depicts the meaning of intra-organizational innovation (section 2.1.1), the opportunities for support of intra-organizational innovation through the use of information and communication technologies (section 2.1.2) and the state of the art in research on the emerging topic of Innovation Contests (section 2.1.3).


Organizational Citizenship Behavior Affective Commitment Individual Creativity Componential Theory Perceive Supervisor Support 
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