The grid-friendly integration of shiftable loads – the approaches from the EnBW pilot project ‘Flexible Power-to-Heat’ also suitable for electric vehicles

  • Holger Wiechmann
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The German energy transition (“Energiewende”) is one of the central tasks, to which politics and society have committed themselves. As part of the energy transition, the fluctuating renewable energies (RE) such as wind and solar in particular will be massively expanded and there will generally be a stronger electrification in almost all economic sectors – including the transportation sector – through the substitution of fossil energy. To accommodate high amounts of fluctuating RE within the energy system, innovative approaches to improve the balance of generation and demand must be developed in particular. Load management and the issue of utilising flexibility will play a key role. The pilot project “Flexible power-to-heat” – a joint project between EnBW and Netze BW – addresses these aspects and could also be an example for a grid friendly charging of electric vehicles.


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