Concluding Remarks and Recent Nanowire Developments



I HOPE THE READER got an impression about the flavor of the plethora of physics being present and observable in superconducting nanowires. ONE THE ONE HAND, such devices have a huge potential for future technological impact such as ultra-fast single-photon counters with ultra-low noise and might therefore enable unique applications such as e.g. to high rate interplanetary deep-space data links [1]; 10 - 100 Mbps link from Mars to Earth. ON THE OTHER HAND, they also provide the perspective for stimulating fundamental science in condensed matter physics by addressing questions about the pairing of electrons above the phase transition, flux liberation by vortex-fluctuations and direct observation of the quantum-statistical nature of the superconducting, macroscopically coherent wave function due to phase-slip excitation.


Vortex Titanium Microwave Ozone Nitride 


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