What was true for the European constitutional context is equally important for the German constitutional context. In order to understand the likelihood that the EU Climate Change Package and Third Energy Package have an Impact on Germany, it is necessary to understand the German judicial framework for the adaptation of secondary provisions at the supranational level. Again, the set of problems in question should be linked to the overall framework of this study, namely Liberal Intergovernmentalism (Moravcsik, 1998) and Europeanization (Börzel and Risse, 2000, Radaelli, 2003). It furthermore should be linked to Grimm’s (2001: 13-22) definitions of the relation of law and politics (see, inter alia, 2.2 Trans-, Supra-, and International Bound Policy Analysis Frameworks) The argument of the following chapter follows the descriptive design of an analysis by Alan F. Tatham (2013) on Central European constitutional courts in the face of EU Membership.


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