Perspectives on Creativity in General and while Music is being Listened to and Composed



Research in cognition can be described as the attempt to capture the functionality of ’homo sapiens’ intelligence, particularly in defining mental models, which are founded on basic mental processes underlying human thinking and behavior, such as attention (Shaffer, 1975; Allport, 1980), memory (Atkinson/Shiffrin, 1968; Baddeley, 2003), language (e.g. Chomsky, 1965; Fauconnier/Turner, 2003, learning (e.g. Piaget see 1.4.1 on page 58) , or problem solving (Newell/Simon, 1972; Mayer, 1992). Research in creativity also tries to discover the functionality of certain intelligent processes, such as the emergence of new and unexpected ideas in humans (see in this regard Boden, 1994).


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