Semantic Technologies for Design Support in Mechatronic Product Development

  • Frank Neumann


In the above quote, Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, lays out his vision for complementing the existing web of human-readable HTML pages by a web of machine-understandable information that can be shared and reused by applications. Similar to the aforementioned HTML pages of the current web, the manifold types of models constitute the main carriers of information in the context of product development. Although models are considered an important means for communication within the design process (Buur and Andreasen 1989), their content is understandable in most cases only to the associated authoring tool. As for the Semantic Web, the access to the information stored in the various types of models is essentially a data integration problem. For this type of problem, semantic technologies can be employed to make the information embedded in models’ data understandable to a greater audience.


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